Welcome to VC101

VC101 is the video blog for Blake Winchell/Partner Ventures.  These short cartoons highlighting the more humorous side of venture capital were created for a class Blake teaches on Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at the IE Business School in Madrid Spain.  They are posted here in reverse order of release.  All of the short episodes are combined in ‘VC101 – The Movie’.

VC101 – The Movie

VC101 – The Goodbye

VC101 – The Hard Circle

VC101 – The Government Loan

VC101 – The Memo God

VC101 – The Series B Loan

VC101 – The Limited Partner Pitch

VC101 – The Anti-Gravity Concentrator

VC101 – The New Fund Name

VC101 – The Office Holiday Party

VC101 – The New Fund Economics Split

VC101 – The Compensation Meeting

VC101 – The Water Cooler Update

VC101 – The Annual Meeting

VC101 – The CTO

VC101 – The J Curve

VC101 – The First Board Meeting

VC101 – The First Hire

VC101 – The Due Diligence Checklist

VC101 – The Partner Presentation

VC101 – The Term Sheet

VC101 – The Financial Model

VC101 – The Analyst Candidate

VC101 – The Market Size

VC101 – The Elevator Pitch

VC101 – The NDA